How Many Pages Must A Research Of 2000 Words Entail? (2023)

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How Many Pages Must A Research Of 2000 Words Entail? (1)

College and University assignments often come with a horde of writing guidelines andspecial requirements. One among them is the word limit.

Students must craft their academic research papers adhering to all writing requirements, which include completing them within the specified word limit.

For example, you may be asked to write a descriptive2000 wordsessay on Industrial Revolution.

Despite the task appearing simple enough, regrettably, many students remain clueless of how many pages is a 2000 wordsresearch paper.

More surprising is when some students search the internet with questions like,what does 2000 words look like,or evenhow many words are 2000 characters?

Truth be told, there is no fixed answer.

Experts opine that the number of pages depends on the word processor setting one uses when writing. Moreover, many other crucial factors impact the overall word and page count.

Nevertheless, in this post, we try to answer the common question,how many pages isa2000 wordsresearch(and address many other relevant aspects).

How Many Pages is 2000 Words Research Paper?

Here we answer the student’s query,how many pages are 2000 words,for your understanding.

Typically, for2000 wordsof research, the page count will be 4 pages if the writer uses 1-inch line spacing and 8 pages when using 2-inch line spacing.

Moreover, if you wish to know,how many words in a 7-page paper double spaced?

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The answer is 1750 words(max).

Of course, these are merely general predictions or assumptions. Students often must add many elements to their papers to present the information in the best feasible manner.

Those elements includecharts, word art, visual graphics, etc. Adding these elements doesn’t hamper the word count, but it(certainly)increases the page count(slightly).

Moreover, the overall page count will differ between students typing and handwriting their2000 wordsessay/research assignment.

If you wish to learn more aboutwhat is the page count for 2000 words, you’re in luck.

Our research writers have ample knowledge and expertise in helping students craft lengthy research dissertations, essays (and more) adhering to the levied writing guidelines.

Total Page Count for 2000 Words Research: Highlighting the key Formatting Factors

Let’s highlight thetotal page count for 2000 words’ formatting factors.

As you alreadyknow, the pages count for the number of words will differ if you use various formatting mediums with vivid writing styles and fonts.

Those crucial formatting factors include as follows –

  • The instructed or chosen stanza spacing
  • Adding a space after every period
  • The chosen or recommended font style and size
  • And the space between the margins

For Students Handwriting 2000 words of Research Papers

Typically, a student handwriting2000 wordsessay or research assignment will be equivalent to typing with double spaces inTimes New Roman,ArialandCalibri.

So, it’s safe to establish that handwriting a2000 wordsresearch will take approximately 8 pages.

For Students Typing 2000 words Research Papers

Contrariwise, if you choose to type your2000 wordsresearch paper, it will take 4 pages with 1-inch spacing and 8 pages with 2-inch spacing.

The acceptable page format for writing such lengthy assignment papers is A4-sized paper. Moreover, you can useGoogle DocsandMS Worddocs.

Of course, if you apply the formatting styles(stated above), the page length will differ per usage.

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How Many Pages for 2000 Words Research with Double Spaced Per MLA?

The page count for2000 wordsdouble-spacedas per MLA (Modern Language Association)will be per standard assumptions.

That means the total pages for2000 wordsof research double-spaced(2-inch spacing)will be 8 pages.

A2 pages double-spacedresearch paper will consume 1000 words (at best).

As for 2500 words of research double spaced and per MLA format- it will take approximately 10 pages.

Are you overwhelmed and want to knowhow long does it take to write 2000 words?

Hire our experts to make your efforts hassle-free!

How Long Does One Need To Read A Research Paper of 2000 Words?

It is not easy to answer. Readers go through readable materials at vivid paces. Some are slow readers, while others prefer speed reading.

Hence, the average time to thoroughly read a research paper of2000 wordsor more will be 15-16 minutes(give or take).

What does a 2000 Words research papers Look Like?

How Many Pages Must A Research Of 2000 Words Entail? (2)

When working on lengthy2000 wordsessays, it’s always wise to prepare a writing draft. Refer below if you don’t know how to do it.

Segregate your lengthy research essay into 3 main sections comprising 5-6 paragraphs(even more per necessity)

  • The Introduction

The beginning section will consume 8-10% of the overall word count. So, for a 2000 wordsresearch paper, the Introduction section must be within 100-200 words. And the last line of the introduction entails the thesis statement.

  • The Body

It is the central portion of the research paper and the most crucial. In this section, the writer can present explanatory facts, data and information on the topic coverage. Since the section holds so much importance, you can consume 600-1600 words.

  • The Conclusion

The conclusion is the ending part of your research paper. Here you surmise everything covered throughout the post. You must reinstate the thesis statement and trigger meaningful action among your readers.

You can accomplish a proper CTA using catchy quotations, questions or even contextual statistics to stir up emotions. Like the introduction, the conclusion must be 8-10% of the entire research paper, meaning it must be within 100-200 words.

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If you lack experience writing lengthy, comprehensive papers alone, it bodes well if you check online(or refer to our pre-crafted sample).

Doing so will revealwhat does a 2000 words research look likeand help you grasphow to write a 2000-word essaywithout trouble!

How Long Does One Take to Write Research paper of 2000 Words?

After sharing insights onhow to write a 2000-word essay,let’s focus onhow long it takes(s)one to write 2000 wordsof research!

As every writer is unique to the next, they function at varying paces too.

  • For someone who can type at a good pace of 50-60 words per minute, s/he can finish typing a2000 wordsresearch essay in 2-3 hours.
  • Alternately, if the writer handwrites a 2000 words research paper, it will take longer like 3-4 hours even if they can write fast.

Of course, if one wishes to add graphics, charts, smart art and other elements to writing, the process could take up to 6 – 7 or even 8 hours.

Follow the Chart Below To Understand Page Counts for Differing Word Count

Size of Font1-inch spacing2-inch spacingTotal Word Count
Size -12Half a page1 pageWord count – 250
Size -121 page2 pagesWord count – 500
Size -122 pages4 pages Word count – 1000
Size -123 pages 6 pages Word count – 1500
Size -124 pages 8 pages Word count – 2000

More General Information for Students Writing 2000 Words Research Paper

  • Research the topic comprehensively and prepare the writing draft
  • A 2000 words research paper will have 10-12 stanzas. Follow it.
  • Ensure each paragraph comprises 100-200 words, meaning it must have 5-6 lines.
  • Keep each sentence between 15-20 words. To keep sentences short, write in an Active Voice.
  • Moreover, the entire 2000 wordsof research will consist of 100-130 sentences/lines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What number of pages will a 2000 words research be in Times New Roman size 12?

Ans. A 2000 wordsresearch paper will consume 4 pages if single-spaced and 8 pages when double-spaced.That said the overall page limit will differ due to many factors like the margin spacing, usage of charts, graphs, visual art, etc.Consult our research writers online if you seek guidance onhow to write a 2000-word essayfrom scratch.

2. What number of pages will a 2000 words research be in Arial size 11?

Ans. If you use Arial size 11 for 2000 wordsof research, the entire thing will consume 4-5 pages with a 1-inch spacing margin and 8-9 pages when double-spaced.

Of course, the total number of pages will differ due to many factors like the margin spacing, usage of charts, graphs, visual art, etc.

Ask our experts if you have more queries onhow many pages is a 2000-word essay.

3. What number of pages will a 2000 words research be in Calibri size 10?

Ans. When using Calibri size 10 with double spacing, a 2000 wordsresearch will consume 4 pages at max when using 1-inch line spacing. However, if the writer uses word art, graphics and charts to exhibit data, the overall page count can become 5-6 pages.

Connect with our specialists to learn more about2000 wordstopages.

4. What number of pages will be 2000 words in Verdana (size 12)?

Ans. A2000 wordsresearch will require 4 pages when single-spaced and 8 pages if double-spaced for acceptable writing fonts.

However, since Verdana takes 1.5 pages to 1 page from other commonly used fonts, it will take close to 6 pages of single-spaced and close to 12 pages when double-spaced.

Talk to us today and gain more know-how onhow many pages is 2000 words!

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5. How many pages for 2000 words in Times New Roman font size 14?

Ans. A research paper of 1000 words in Times New Roman(14)will be 5+ pages. So, for 2000 words, research will consume approximately 10+ pages(at max).

Need more information on2000 words to pages?Our experts are accessible 24×7 to answer your questions.

6. Does Adding Line Spacing Hamper The Total Number Of Pages For 2000 Words Research Paper?

Ans. Indeed, it does. Line spacing(along with many other crucial factors)does influence the total number of pages for a 2000 wordsresearch paper.

Ideally, students working on academic papers must maintain proper line spacing when writing their research papers. It is a crucial facet of their writing guidelines, and failure to do so clutters the information and makes it difficult to follow.

7. What Will Be the Page Limit If You Add Graphics and Images to A 2000 Words Paper?

Ans. Fortunately for students, adding graphics and images in a 2000 wordsresearch paper will only increase the page limit slightly.

If a 2000 wordsresearch paper entails 8 pages when double-spaced and 4 pages when single-spaced, it could increase by 1-2 pages. And this increase is within acceptable college/university parameters.

Need more explanation onwhat is the Page count for 2000 Words?Feel free to consult with our online experts today!

8. What Amount of Time Does A Writer Need To Complete 2000 Words?

Ans. The time taken to complete 2000 wordsessays varies among writers. Those who can type fast(50-60 words/minute)can finish it in 2-3 hours. And for those who choose to handwrite their assignment, it can take 3-4 hours.

Are you looking for an example ofwhat does 2000 words look like?Don’t fret. Connect with our experts and know everything from them.

9. What is the precise number of stanzas for a 2000-word essay?

Ans. Typically, the precise number of stanzas for a 2000-wordessay is 14-24 paragraphs. Of course, if the writer chooses to segregate the information more, it can increase to 18-19 paragraphs.

Of course, there are no such fixed rules. Colleges and universities often give students freedom in the number of stanzas to incorporate. Still, it’s best to stick to the range mentioned above.

Speak to our experts if you want to knowhow long is 2000 words!

10. How much is the word limit for an essay of 5-pages?

Ans. If you are working on a 5-page essay, your limit will be 2500 words if single-spaced and 1250 if double-spaced.

Academic experts suggest students stick to this word limit depending on the formatting norms.

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Hire our experts to keep your 1500 or2000 wordsessay within the acceptable word limit.


How many pages is a 2000 word research paper? ›

Answer: 2000 words is 4 pages single spaced or 8 pages double spaced.

How long does a 2000 word research essay take? ›

Writing 2,000 words will take about 50 minutes for the average writer typing on a keyboard and 1.7 hours for handwriting. However, if the content needs to include in-depth research, links, citations, or graphics such as for a blog article or high school essay, the length can grow to 6.7 hours.

How many pages are needed for 2000 words? ›

How Many Words per Page?
Word CountPages (single-spaced)Pages (double-spaced)
21 more rows

Can a research paper be 2000 words? ›

The length of a research paper depends on the topic or assignment. Typically, research papers run around 4,000–6,000 words, but it's common to see short papers around 2,000 words or long papers over 10,000 words.

How many words is a 15 page research paper? ›

15 pages is 7,500 words single spaced, 3,750 words double spaced. 20 pages is 10,000 words single spaced, 5,000 words double spaced.

How many words is a 3 page research paper? ›

Using this as an example, a 3-4 page double spaced paper is 750-1000 words, and a 7 page double spaced paper would be 1750 words. Assignments often specify a research paper or essay length in terms of words, rather than pages - a paper of 750-1000 words or a paper of 1500-1750 words.

Can I do a 2000 word essay in a day? ›

But, with our tips, you can easily get the essay done within a day. Get your head down and you could meet the deadline, and even produce an essay you're proud of. Best of all, you can adapt our tips for a 2,000 word essay, a 4,000 word essay, or whatever length – all in a day!

Can you write a 2000 word essay in an hour? ›

With fast typing speeds, use of shortcuts and a comfortable keyboard, it is theoretically possible to write 2,000 words in under an hour. This is based on a typing speed of 50 words per minute and allowing for several pauses to think.

How many paragraphs should a 2000 word essay have? ›

Main body- you can expect to have about three paragraphs in your main body for a 2000-word essay. Each paragraph should be making a point that directly supports your line of argument and includes evidence and examples.

What is the word count for a 2000 word essay? ›

Unless the lecturer tells you that these limits are strict, it is normally acceptable to be 10% above or below this word limit (so, for example, a 2000 word assignment should be between 1800 and 2200 words).

How many words should I write for a 2000 word essay? ›

For example: In a 2000 word essay, you will have 1500 words to use. Each main point you make should typically use 1-3 paragraphs, which should average around 200-400 words in total.

How many words is 14 pages? ›

4500 words are about 14 pages. How many pages are 5200 words? 5200 words are about 16.2 pages.

How many references for a 2000 word research proposal? ›

Article Size (Word Count)Median Number of References
(1000, 2000]15
(2000, 3000]28
(3000, 4000]36
(4000, 5000]44
5 more rows
Apr 10, 2021

How many pages is a 2500 word research paper? ›

2,500 words is 5 pages single-spaced or 10 pages double-spaced. Documents that typically contain 2,500 words include college essays, operating manuals, and longer form blog posts.

Why is my 2000 word paper only 6 pages? ›

The number of pages a 2000-word essay takes up depends on the font type, font size, spacing, and margins used in the document. However, as a rough estimate, a 2000-word essay would take up around 4-8 pages single-spaced, and 8-16 pages double-spaced.

How many words is a 10 page research paper? ›

In academic writing, a paragraph usually has between 100 – 200 words. Therefore, a 10 page paper which is double spaced has roughly: As calculated above: a 10 page paper has 2,500 words. 2,500 divided by 200 words (words in a paragraph) = 12 paragraphs (approximate value).


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